Wahl Steel Comb

Wahl Steel Comb pour 8€

Wahl Steel Comb....


Commander Wahl Steel Comb

Wahl Oil

Wahl Oil pour 4€

Wahl Oil....


Commander Wahl Oil

Mikki Pet Nail File

Mikki Pet Nail File pour 7€

Mikki Pet Nail File for dogs and cats is ideal for removing the rough edges or just keeping your cat's or dog's claws nicely shaped. Soft grip handle for ease of use Heat treated for strength and durability Made from stainless Steel Two sides: coarse and ....


Commander Mikki Pet Nail File

Classic Nail Trimmers (Small)

Classic Nail Trimmers (Small) pour 6€

Classic Nail Trimmers - Small with stainless steel blades - suitable for smaller breeds of dogs as well as cats. The trimmers are fitted with a stop guard and safety catch.....


Commander Classic Nail Trimmers (Small)

Mini coupe ongle classique

Mini coupe ongle classique pour 5€

Mini coupe ongle classique en acier inoxydable - parfait pour couper les griffes des petits chiens, oiseaux, chats, porcs de Guinée et autres petits animaux.....


Commander Mini coupe ongle classique